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About Us


BlockMine is a company which was started based on studying Crypto-Currency Industry for good three years. Our company is registered in the UK, providing ground-breaking cryptocurrency solutions.

After we made extensive research on the Crypto-currency mining industry, that resulted in the development of a two-tier solution programs which are:

  • BlockMine’s Weekly Mining Program
  • BlockMine’s Daily Earning Program

    BlockMine Weekly Mining Program:

    BlockMine Weekly Mining program is one which enables user’s make money right from their houses just by referring people to the BlockMine opportunity plan. We offer a compensation plan which is very lucrative by paying out between 7% to 15% weekly from mining revenue until the revenue gets to 150% the investment which was made.


    BlockMine’s Daily Earning Program

    This program which is known as (Multimedia Advertising Program) is one of the best social media platforms you can find out there which have a nice revenue sharing pattern and which guarantee a very good way to make money online both on your personal computer and also on your mobile phone. By just clicking ads and watching at least 8 ads every day. This program guarantees daily income.




    Are you having doubt about if our company is real? Kindly visit the following link below

    The above link is the United Kingdom government website where you can confirm the name of a company which was registered in the UK, by just entering our company registration number and clicking search.

    When it comes to security BlockMine is one of the most secure you find out there. With BlockMine you can be rest assured of security. All you have to do is for you to have a positive mindset, sit back and see your investment doubled. You might be wondering why we give you 100% assurance when it comes to security. BlockMine has a centralized database of our clients e-wallets and accounts and this database is being backed up almost every 20 seconds. Be rest assured that presently coins do not leave our e-wallets, they are transferred in the system. Therefore if there is a case of another miner hacking in your account, we can track who did this immediately and how it was done and restore your account back to normal.

    There are different ways in which money can be invested into BlockMine and this is through auto payment gateways, such as Bit coins and perfect money. If you want to know more about BlockMine, we would advice you check the "HOW IT WORKS" link and our "FAQ".