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Affiliate Program

Our referral program works in two different ways which are the BlockMine weekly earning plan affiliate referral program and the BlockMine daily earning plan (Advertising program) Affiliate referral program.

BlockMine Weekly Earning Plan Affiliate Program

This is a referral program with massive income, this affiliate program gives you the ability to make 75% revenue of 16 users. You will get a direct referral bonus up to 30% on ROI (return on investment) "from the 1st level" and we also have the indirect referral bonus from ROI "from the second level".

  • Illustration on the (1st Level) BlockMine Weekly Earning Plan Affiliate Program
  • Let us imagine you have someone you refer who invested $100 dollar, at the first level the person get 10% percent On ROI revenue in that particular week. the person earns 10 dollar and you get 20% of the $10 which is $2 , note that you generate this 20% income every week until your referral get up to 150% and your total income will be 20% percent of your referral 150% which is 20% of $150 which is $30.

  • Illustration of the (2nd to 16th level) BlockMine Weekly Earning Plan Affiliate Program
  • Let us imagine your first level referral, refers someone else to join the BlockMine weekly plan to his/her first level or second level, the person your first level referrals refers, will become your 2nd or 3rd level. If that referral invests $100 and gets 10% of the investment in the first week, meaning he/she will earn $10 that week resulting to you getting 2% of the $10 which is 0.2 cents. This income is been generated every week resulting in your second level referral making $150 when it gets to 150% and you make 2% of $150 which is $ 3. It is almost difficult to find any other company that gives you such lucrative type of affiliate program.

    BlockMine limitations [Capping] on Indirect Referral Earnings

    Example for 2nd level to 16th level [Indirect Income Referral Earning Capping's] :

    Suppose you never achieved any level ranks then your maximum earning potential from indirect teams of [level 2 to level 16] is $600 weekly only. If your level increased to SILVER/GOLD any one of them, so your indirect REFERRAL CAPPING increased like $1000/$1500 etc. If you want need to increased your earnings at this stage till your level not completed, just build direct teams more n more to increased your earnings, because in direct referral teams there will be NO ANY CAPPING. Only CAPPING is applicable from your indirect teams of business from Silver level to Ambassador level.


    Rank & Rewards of Blockmine Weekly Earning Program:

    Rank Referral Earnings Caps
    None $600
    Silver $1000
    Gold $1500
    Sapphire $2500
    Ruby $5000
    Platinum $10,000
    Diamond $20,000
    Crown $30,000
    Ambassador $50,000

    BlockMine Daily Earning Plan Affiliate Referral Program

    This program deal with 15% Revenue earning of 3 level users, you will be able to get a direct referral bonus of 8% on adpack purchase (from the first level) After that you will get an indirect referral bonus of 5% on adpack purchase from the second level and you will get a referral bonus of 2% from the third level .

    In conclusion, our affiliate program has been seen to be the best in any crypto-currency mining program you can find out there.